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current work; Cast pieces

These pieces are made with the traditional process of  kiln casting technique in the first firing then I put the glass back in the kiln and shape them by hand. pushing the limits of how much you can bend and stretch kiln cast glass.

The final shape is sometimes unpredictable. The glass and the colours are not always easy to control, every piece is experimental and is always very unique, it would be very difficult for me to make two the same.

All pieces have a mat texture on one side and a shiny polish you can see in the depth of the glass on the other side. the contrast in translucency really shows the quality of the glass.

Past work

Fused Pieces

My fused work is all made with colored sheet glass. I make the texture by fusing piled up sheets of glass and then grinding down through the layers one piece at a time .then all the pieces are fused together to a glass background in a final firing where I also shape the whole piece by hand while it is at fusing temperature.

Blown glass Pieces

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